Oh Deer!

Last year my Mother-in-law made some beautiful cushions to sell at my Market stall. See them down in the bottom left? They sold out in the first hour! This week they will make their debut in my boutique-fancy some for your place?


Mother's Day!

Don't worry if you haven't sorted anything for your Mama yet....


I've got your back. The bouquet will be a seasonal beauty lovingly wrapped with a handwritten note (feel free to tell me what you want written!) So, email me, call me, or facebook me-just don't try smoke signal, it looks like rain...

Choosing your outfit!

This was one of the first pictures I bookmarked when I got engaged. I love the colours, the fun and the practicality of it. I didn't still don't love the flowers however (details, details!) 


It wasn't at all like what I ended up wearing but I still love it all the same...maybe I can wear it to a party some day? How many pictures did you collect when dreaming of THE outfit for your big day?

More on my Wedding outfit tomorrow!

Pic found here...

One Print Wonders!

This morning I got the best kind of email. One from an old friend who had found me! We went to school together and lost touch after her Family moved away. I always idolised Lara-serioulsy. She had the coolest clothes, listened to the coolest music, said the coolest things and had the coolest Family. Yep, seriously cool. (I was not alone in my admiration-she was adored by legions of fans!)

Anyway, enough of my gushing. She found me after a bit of instagram hunting and it turns out she has her very own letterpress business-One Print Wonders.

Now, might I say I love letterpress (who doesn't) and when it is paired with smack you in the face colour it stands just that bit taller.

So, if you are in the market for something/ANYTHING in the way of beautiful stationery you must talk to Lara-stat!

The Website is under construction but is sure to be drop dead gorgeous when it makes its debut. In the meantime, go and show Lara some love over at her facebook page-you won't regret it!


Mother's Day goodies...

As I flicked through my instagram feed this morning I came across Megan Mortons Homelove

Megan and her peeps have done it again and just in time for Mothers Day! Go and have a look-trust me you will want to purchase it all. The boy's school has a Mother's Day stall where the kids can buy their Mama a gift...let's just say I would prefer to teach them how to use my credit card and snap me up something from here.                    

If you had more of a floral present in mind, why not check out our Floral subscriptions in our boutique. We will also  be taking orders for bouquets to be collected from Shop 51 on Sunday!


Great Gatsby!

Oh my-how gorgeous are these! With the release of the highly anticipated film immanent these could be the perfect gift for someone special!

flappers tycoon.jpg
damned gatsby.jpg

Or maybe you could keep them for yourself!

Found here...

Fresh blooms!

Tomorrow will see our very first Pop Up Flower Shop at Shop 51...

I am both nervous and excited. Denise at Shop 51 is our very gracious host-wait until you see what she has in her beautiful beautiful shop-if you visit after 5.30 tomorrow night there will be champagne! Why not drop in for some last minute calorie free Easter gifts and a posy of fresh blooms...

Wild weather and home camping!

After last weekends storms we were left without power until yesterday. we really were fine utilising the generator and camping stove. We are currently without Internet-reports tell us it will return this coming weekend. I hope you stayed high and dry with power! I shall return when our Internet does with a 'Our Wedding' post.

Bridesmaid duty

My Brother got married to one of my oldest friends last year...odd you may say, I say AWESOME!

They declared their love for each other on a chilly winters day at Gabbinbar Homestead in Toowoomba. We were very glad to get inside after the photos...our fingers were numb!

Thankyou for including me Christie and Brother-Congratulations again xo

Photos taken by Andrew from Salt Studios in Toowoomba.

My youngest Brother was my parther in crime on the day...

Oh and none of my children recognised me when I walked down the ailse...very different makeup and hair to what I usually wear.


A few weeks ago I met a lovely couple that were just about to open their very own take away shop.

Turns out that shop is Botanica, which is getting (well deserved) rave reviews all over the place!

They serve freshly prepared salads and sweet delights daily (most of which are gluten free-yey!)

I can vouch for the brilliance of the concept, design and food-so so good, even the little boys of our house are fans.

See! Isn't is pretty to look at!? Do yourself a favour and head in if you are near-it will be well worth your while. 

Both The Weekender & The Urban List agree-it is fab!

Cosmopolitan Bride!

Towards the end of last year I got a call from a friend asking if I would be her 'expert' for an article she was writing. I said YES and was flattered to be asked! The article was for Cosmopolitan Bride-to say I was excited would be a massive understatement. You should have seen me grinning like a fool in the supermarket ailse when the mag came out and I read my name-not once but a few times. I think I may have squealed a little (and rang my Mum straight away-of course!)

Thankyou to my Beautiful Friend Candice (I will show you here GORGEOUS Wedding here very soon). I am by no means a writer but am always happy to give 'advice'! Now to have pics of my work in a mag...next goal set!

Happy New Year!

Christmas seems but a distant memory and we are already getting a little close to February for comfort!

How was your festive season? Ours was quiet, relaxed and spent with family-perfect.

The end of 2012 was busy and I have enjoyed a month off to spend with my all my boys.

Our first Pop up flower shop was a success. Both Michael and myself had a lovely time under the trees in Toowoomba Queen Park. Here he is trying to claim the work was all his!

We met many flower lovers and had a great time wrapping up a myriad of bouquets (Michael picked up the lingo quickly and was soon making up his own displays...best keep an eye on him!) My Mother in Law even had success, her beautiful deer cushions sold out!

Next market I am planning on putting up a floral backdrop and doing up more ready made bouquets. There will also be more cushions to take home with you in beautiful patterns and colours.

In the weeks leading up to the last day of school I was asked to help with the teacher appreciation bouquets. I was more than happy to oblige. This is what I made up to say thankyou to the fabulous teachers our children were lucky to have for the year.

Our little family also headed to Bangalow for the day just to unwind and spend some time by ourselves. We checked out the Sew & Tell craft fair, perused the shops, had a picnic in the park and went for a dip in the sea. Fox thoroughly enjoyed his first trip to the seaside!

2013 sees Vera & Rose booking up! Our management packages are becoming popular with Brides wanting someone to take the reins on their big day. So, if you have something that needs organising, overseeing or managing or if you are after some gorgeous blooms for your Wedding, party, office or even dinner party don't hesitate to get in touch-I woudl love to chat! 

I hope your start to 2013 has been enjoyable and you are ready for a great year!

Well, hello there!

I cannot believe that we are on the downhill slide towards Christmas! 2012 has been a big one personally and professionally and 2013 is set to be bigger again!

I have decided to finish off 2012 with a Pop Up Shop! I would love to meet you if you can make it! We will have fresh flowers, bespoke bouquets a few beautiful gift items along with an iced tea stand....can't wait!